Parent Program


Parenting a child with diabetes is a challenge, but you will succeed. 

Given the right environment, education, and support, parents become powerful advocates, managers, and teachers for their children and their diabetes. 

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Build Confidence
Develop Expertise
Take Action

Who is the Parent Program for? 

For Veteran T1D Parents

If you're a veteran diabetes parent, you'll learn how to package management and relationship skills for internalization by your child. We focus on the critical skills, the timeline and behavior changes to ensure the future health, wellness and independence of your child with diabetes.


For Parents Just Starting Out


We focus on the basics - what you need to know about diabetes, learn the key skills to help your child, and how to execute a diabetes management plan. We also deal with the emotional and relationship dynamics that can have a profound effect on the health and happiness of a child with diabetes.

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Your Diabetes Coach is dedicated to supporting you, your child with diabetes and your family. 

diabetes management counselling

Create a plan to overcome the obstacles in your child's diabetes management

diabetes technology guide

Help choosing the right technology that is best for your child's needs 

diabetic children diet and fitness

Develop a nutrition and fitness plan that satisfies your child's tastebuds and blood sugar needs

diabetic parent support

Help navigate the emotional impact of diabetes on relationships with family and friends 

diabetes management support

Available 24/7 to answer questions, provide support, or just listen  

children with diabetes support

Support your well-being so you can support your child 

Your Child Has Diabetes, 
Now What?

A resource for parents and caretakers of newly diagnosed children. 

Your Child Has Diabetes ebook

The Support You're Looking For

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Our Parent Coaching programs are designed to help you develop and sustain the emotional and diabetes care behaviors to meet your health goals for your child.

All plans include: 

  • Weekly one on one calls with your coach 

  • Reviews of all diabetes-related activities and joint action plan 

  • 24/7 access to your coach

  • Weekly education and tools to gain competency in diabetes management

We're Here to Help 

Send us a message and we can schedule a call to discuss how we can help. 


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